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Very much later than expected, next time I will collect. Also I will order better. I chose a random selection this time and over ordered. The burgers were not great. But I wanted to try them. Il stick to burger places for them in the future. The mixed greens and the mixed grill were fab though. The chops were very tasty, as was the kebab. Not as keen on the wings in the box or the chilli chips, over cooked and dry and not pleasant. I’ve has lovely meals in the restaurant before and I will order again but il stick to the curries.

Kelly, 10 Apr 2021


Michael, 10 Apr 2021

Fantastic food And very tasty! Can’t wait till you are full open

Tina, 03 Apr 2021

The online ordering facility won't allow an edit in the order before payment. I've ordered 2 naans on error & can't change to 1. Apart from that it's quick & easy

Bev Roberts, 25 Mar 2021


Michael, 17 Mar 2021

We ordered the office tiffin box, ne veg, one chicken, one lamb and a rice. No idea what's they were but all very very nice and good value. Also ordered a vegan burger for one of the kids, they said 'best ever'.

Sharon, 07 Mar 2021


Nick, 06 Mar 2021

So easy to order and absolutely fabulous food!!!! Delivery drivers are soooooo lovely!!!

Jane, 04 Mar 2021

Delicious food and great flavour, thank you!

Maria, 02 Mar 2021

Best Indian in NUL by a long way. Not had a single issue with the quality of the food

Danny, 27 Feb 2021

Excellent food and service...

Mandy, 24 Feb 2021

First time we've tried here ...ive been receiving their emails but never got round to ordering Absolutely amazing flavours the balti and spicy Houmous is amazing Just a pity I never ordered with a voucher

Jenny, 20 Feb 2021

Great tasting food , good selection.

Roger, 17 Feb 2021

Ordered on line, food was amazing just the same as if we were in the restaurant.

Katrina Holdcroft , 13 Feb 2021

Food was nice arrived on time

Christopher Taft, 06 Feb 2021


Rachel, 08 Jan 2021

Alway love having a Streat take-away

Ruth, 08 Jan 2021

Love your food and customer service is excellent. Happy New Year

Louise, 31 Dec 2020

I'm sad to say I was disappointed tonight. I have eaten in your restaurant and had take away and have recommendedd you to all my friends but tonight the popudums were sight, the chips and rice were cold, the curry was warm. Shame

Jackie, 12 Dec 2020

Hi, I'm sorry to say it but i was disappointed tonight. I have recommended you to all my friends but tonight the popudums were soggy, the nan bread was overdone to the point the middle was crunchy, the chips and rice were cold and the curry was warm. I've eaten in your restaurant and had takeaways from you. Shame

Jackie, 12 Dec 2020

I have just received my order and i can not believe what ive spent 17 pound on chicken burger and chips well a hand full of chips and no cheese or relash and hardly any salad in a little cardboard box ive never had from here and dont think i will again

Emma, 26 Nov 2020

Lovely as always.

Kate, 20 Nov 2020

Fantastic food!

Matthew, 14 Nov 2020

Food was prompt!

Jayne, 14 Nov 2020

Food was great! Delivery prompt...

Jayne, 14 Nov 2020

Many thanks for first rate service and great food. Great communications and we will order again. Once you are open, we will come and get the full experience. Ta.

David, 14 Nov 2020